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350 Ferst Dr.

Atlanta, GA 30332


Tel: 740-278-7598

Help users find anyone or anything.

Use Spotlight as a virtual, fully immersive, dynamically changeable, and excitingly new map. Here's what it can do!

Navigate to areas in large venues not mapped with Google Maps using AR. 

Help guests navigate venue

Engage your guests with fun experiences such as AR-based games and events.

Engage guests with interactive experiences

Guests can find anyone or anything in their surroundings using AR objects or "spotlights".

Allow guests to find friends

Deliver ads and promotions in an exciting new medium using AR to reach and inform your guests.

Create exciting and targeted ad campaigns with AR

Display locationally relevant information in AR space for guests to know.

Provide relevant information

Dynamically manage your 3D AR assets online for them to appear inside the app.

Manage your 3D AR Content via a web interface