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350 Ferst Dr.

Atlanta, GA 30332


Tel: 740-278-7598

User features

Precise Location

Use the power of AR to precisely locate anyone or anything around you. This can be a friend, place, or object. Find and locate things that you couldn't possibly before with just traditional 2D coordinates.

Pinpoint the exact location of anything

Search and Discovery

Find places of interest around you effortlessly with Spotlight. Use AR to experience your city and find exciting, new restaurants, attractions, and events.

Discover new places or people around you

Publishing and Creation

Create new spotlights over objects you wish to track the location of or a place which really catches your eye. You can own these spotlights or choose to share with friends or the world.

Get discovered or post anything interesting

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Advertiser features

Content Management System (CMS)

Create and publish 3D content to advertise anything or highlight a location of your interest. Seamlessly manage this data via a web interface and see your ads on our app for users to interact with.

Create ad content ready for exciting and novel mobile delivery using AR

Metrics and Tracking

See your ad metrics on a dashboard and analysis of ad interaction. This can help you modify or better target your campaigns for a better experience for our users and more efficacy for you.

Understand your ad performance and user interaction

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