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Science-Backed Tips: How to Learn Languages Online

Clem Ozel

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In this live workshop, you'll discover the widespread language learning myths, the most common challenges adult language learners face, and you'll get science-backed tips for effectively reaching your language learning goals. You'll also discover the benefits of language learning and get free resources so you can get started right away.


  • Clem Ozel

    Freestyle Languages takes adult language learners from complete beginner to advanced (able to hold 1 hr long conversations!) through an innovative, science-backed model that emphasizes culture, conversation, connection, and community.

    We're passionate about connecting people through language and proving that adults can effectively learn a second language, given the many lifelong benefits inherent in language learning: enriched travel experiences, professional development, brain benefits, cross-cultural competency, and deeper connections with a wider variety of people, just to name a few!

    Our goal is to help as many learners as possible reach their language learning goals - whatever they may be, no matter when you decide to start!