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Make Money Selling What You Already Know

Jonah Cohen

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Whether you’re an existing business owner, educator, creator, or just looking for a side hustle, creating an online course is a fantastic way to increase your monthly income. Plus, if you can lock down an appealing offer, developing curriculum really isn’t that hard. In this event, we’re going to give you a tried and true system for building an online course fast and without the headache. You’ll leave with a blueprint and all the tools you need to draft, write, test, film, and launch an online course in less than 30 days.


  • Jonah Cohen

    Jonah is the host of Spotlight by Teachable and a content and course creator himself. He's spent the last year working with Teachable creators to help them host live events that provide students value and help drive sales to their courses.

    Jonah has been working in the content production industry for over a decade. He has toured with such talents as Mary Lambert and Benjamin Francis Leftwitch and worked with a wealth of creators such as Tori Dunlap (Her First $100k), Damon Dominique, and Teri Ijeoma. Starting as a studio and live sound engineer, he honed his skills in content production including working on episodes of Good Morning America, VH1 Big Morning Buzz, and Spotlight by Teachable. 

    His unique skill set has provided him with the tools to help creatives realize their visions and bring them to fruition. He thrives on the output of creative media and nothing brings him more joy than helping an idea reach its full potential.