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Learn How to Make Great User Interfaces Even as a Non-Designer

Erik Kennedy

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In this free workshop, Erik Smith will teach you how to pick great fonts and style them well, work with color in interfaces, make your designs neat, clean, and modern using spacing, alignment, and other fundamental design strategies. Erik has worked with clients from YCombinator startups to Fortune 100 companies and has taught thousands of students around the world.


  • Erik Kennedy
    Erik Kennedy

    Erik Kennedy

    Founder, Learn UI Design

    Hey! My name is Erik Kennedy, and I’m an independent UX + UI designer in beautiful Seattle, WA.

    My clients have ranged from startups to Fortune 100, and have included companies like Soylent, Amazon, Roam Research, and more.

    I’ve spoken here and abroad at businesses, meetups, and universities (like UC Berkeley and Yale). In addition, my design writing has been read by over a million people.

    But before all that, I was in school for engineering. That’s right – a developer. So when I first tried my hand at design, I thought I was doomed.

    It looked awful.

    Of course, I had my excuses. I didn’t go to art school. I didn’t know crap about aesthetics.