Clarity Code™: Unlock the 4 Keys to an In-Demand Brand

Kaye Putnam

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Discover the secrets to rise above the noisy market and your competition. There are two paths to building a brand positioned as an industry leader that magnetically attracts students. One path is the "surface-level" way of looking at branding, and the other is PSYCHOLOGY-driven branding. This Clarity Code™ masterclass reveals the four subconscious elements inside *every* wildly successful brand.


  • Kaye Putnam

    Brand Specialist

    Kaye Putnam is a psychology-driven brand strategist for entrepreneurs. Through work with hundreds of clients from global brands to solo business owners, she developed The Clarity Code™.

    She believes in pursuing audacious dreams and that there is a genius that lives inside every entrepreneur. When you have a clear brand, your clients love, respect, and are willing to pay premium prices for your work. It gives you the clarity and confidence to scale your impact and income.