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Ultimate Women's Circle Facilitator Certificate Training Bundle

Learn to start and facilitate your very own women's circle. Step into this magnificent and deeply rewarding role now.

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Learn to to lead your own circle in your community. Become the facilitator you are called to be. What is a women’s circle? What is a teen circle? What is a wise circle? How do I start my own circles? If you are asking yourself these questions, your wise leader is calling. Circle’s are a powerful tool that will help you lead and support your own tribe and community. These Circle Facilitator Certificate Trainings are not only rewarding but something you can use for positive impact and contribution to your community or as a heart component in your business journey.

Course Offers

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    Video Learning sessions
  2. 2
    Demonstration Video sessions
  3. 3
    Detailed educational workbooks and written guidance
  4. 4
    Tools and templates for creating your circles and circle business
  5. 5
    In depth interviews about the business components
  6. 6
    Complete Business foundations training bonus
  7. 7
    Circle starter program scripts
  8. 8
    Six unique and complete certificate trainings
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    Lifetime access
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    Risk free training 100% satisfaction guaranteed
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    Deep personal inner journey work bonus audios
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    50 circle activities and more

Course Info

 Ultimate Women's Circle Facilitator Media

In this course you will find everything you need to learn how to facilitate your own circle. Everything has been thought of when it comes to online learner. You will find tools, templates and activities that will make the transition into become a community leader easy. In addition there is a highly engaged and loving Facebook support group of facilitators to engage anytime you like.

This bundle has 150+ lessons with 6 huge workbooks to complete as you learn to how to run your very own, unique circle. In this course, you will also be given bonus circle templates and 50 activities to program your own circle.

For those that want to turn your circle into a business, this course has a bonus business module to help you understand how to build and grow your circle business. This bundle will also be your best investment as you will be able to facilitate multiple circles for different audiences as not only a qualified women’s circle facilitator but also a teen, wise (over 60’s), baby blessing-way, bridal and wedding circle facilitator.

This course will give you so many options for making an income doing something you will truly love.

What you will get in the foundation component of this ultimate bundle:

Over 80 lessons and two huge workbooks containing the following and more!

• Understanding the ritual and tool of circle.

• Learn how to be a confident facilitator with the power to deliver your circles and workshops with ease and flow.

• Learn how to make women feel elevated and supported.

• Learn how to hold space safely and responsibly.

• Tools and templates for programming.

• Rituals and ancient teachings to share.

• Tools and knowledge for marketing and social media.

• Learn how to create a community.

• Learn how to create and launch your own personal brand.

• You will be able to start earning money from doing this work as soon as you graduate.

• You will discover how to use your personal journey and skill set to create your own incredible offering for women.

You will have everything you need kick start your heart business and be doing something you truly love while supporting the women in your community.

Bonus business foundation skills module (over 40 lessons in creating, launching, building and running a small business). Certificate in Women’s Circle Facilitation.

AND this course is accredited by 2 international bodies: IICT and IPHM so you can rest assured that your course has been thoroughly reviewed by independent professionals.

Your Instructors

  • Imogen Bailey Headshot
    Imogen Bailey Headshot

    Imogen Bailey

    Hi, I am Imogen Bailey. I am a women’s circle educator and I facilitate my own women’s circles and workshops. I am a birth and end of life doula. I am a meditation teacher and a Reiki practitioner.

    I am all in on this passion journey of mine.

    It is a journey to create, to learn and to share my love for supporting each other in life’s important transitions and in my heart based work of promoting the magic of women coming together.

    I developed this training from years of varied study and holding my own circles and it is my honor to offer it to as many people as possible. This was really important to me, because deep down in our untouched core, we know how to do this work, we just have to relearn the art of gathering and gain the confidence to step into our power to do so.

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