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The quickest and most effective way to learn 3D design.
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With the new Ultimate 3D Bundle, you can go from simple cubic design all the way to full character illustration in matter of weeks.

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    3 courses with 13 lesson episodes
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    50+ hours of content
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    $663+ value
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    Weekly project inspirations and sketches

Course Info

With Polygon Runway, you jump right into action and within the first hour, you will have your first 3D illustration rendered! I won’t bore you with lengthy fundamentals sections.

You will only learn essential information as you go, and by the end of the course, you will find out that there is no limit on what you can create.

At every step, I share my personal workflow tips and every time add a little bit of a secret sauce to the mix :)

Additionally, every chapter has a dedicated downloadable file, so if for some reason you feel like skipping particular chapter, you can continue working right where the next chapter starts.

You get the most out of your time.

Your Instructors

  • Roman Klco
    Roman Klco

    Roman Klco

    Digital product designer

    For 15+ years, I worked as an interactive and digital product designer in advertising, media, and e-commerce. I was always in love with 3D graphics and as soon as I could, I started incorporating them into my design workflow.

    Later, I challenged myself to create several 3D illustrations a week as a passion project to really push my skills further and I started to share my journey on social media.

    I was quite overwhelmed with all the positive feedback and the fact, that people really wanted to learn, how I make my illustrations. That ultimately led to a decision to make a comprehensive one-stop 3D illustration course to help you on your designer journey.

One-Time Purchase
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee