Jan Metelka

Turn Your Forehand Into a Weapon

A unique online tennis training video program that will helps you transform your forehand into a dominating weapon on the tennis court.
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Your Outcome

Discover How to Finally Hit Those Big, Reliable yet Effortless Forehands & Start Winning More of Your Tennis Matches!

Course Offers

  1. 1
    The unique systematic PLB Tennis Method® which has helped more than 800 club tennis players over the past 10 years all over the world
  2. 2
    Practical lessons from Former Top 30 National Tennis player and Current ITF Semi Pro and PTR Performance Tennis Coach
  3. 3
    Workouts from top national and ITF tennis players which cover the biomechanics to tennis
  4. 4
    Unlimited access to the program which can be accessed on any device
  5. 5
    Bonus Material including "The 4 Weeks Tennis Training Plan" to enhance your forehand

Course Info

This program is ideal for all adult club tennis players with medium to advanced level as well as juniors that are looking to step up their game.

Across 9 Modules, you will learn all about:

• How to apply correct biomechanics used by ATP Pros

How to get more consistency, power & control WITHOUT changing your technique

• How to generate those Effortless Forehands

• How to move better, and get into the right position early on

• How to attack those short balls to stop missing them

• How to deal with deep, topspin, high balls

• How to push your opponent away with your new big Forehand from any position on the court

• How to get more topspin and put your opponent under constant pressure

• How to position yourself for hitting attacking forehands with ease over and over

• How to correctly use your wrist and "lagging effect" to generate more of the effortless power

• How to stop missing those short balls and how to convert them into winners

• How to stop overhitting your Forehands long

and much, much more...

Once you're introduced to Jan's PLB Tennis Method® inside this course, you'll only go strength to strength as a tennis players.

Ready to Turn Your Forehand Into a Weapon®?

Your Instructors

  • Jan Metelka

    Pro Performance Tennis Coach, founder of PLB Tennis Method® & Tennis Fit App. My passion is to help club tennis players with their game and to help them unlock their full tennis potential! Over the past 15 years I've been working with players of all levels and I've developed systematic method that helped them reach a new level of their game. I have now transformed all into most effective online tennis courses available so any player can follow and apply all into his tennis game!

    I can't wait to see the new results together we will have!

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