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You know that social media marketing is an unavoidable part of owning an online business in 2021.

Does it have to be time-consuming, stressful, and confusing?

Absolutely not. Using social media to grow your business can be a simple, straightforward, and dare I say, fun task. You just have to know how to utilize it correctly.

Here’s what I see happening when business owners start to get into social media marketing:

You’re spending hours a day posting and “engaging” (and getting no results from all that work) .

You’re posting randomly with no real strategy because someone, somewhere told you to post 3 times a day.

You’re struggling to create content that actually connects with your audience.

It’s taking hours to create content and you’re burning out.

You’re suffering from imposter syndrome, judging if your content is valuable, and comparing yourself to big creators .

The social media world can feel like the Wild West, and it’s all too easy to get overwhelmed, but I’m going to not only help you make sense of it all, but also get amazing results from your hard work.

Your Instructors

  • Andréa Jones
    Andréa Jones

    Andréa Jones

    Founder of Savvy Social School

    Andréa has been putting her life online since 2004 (back when blogging was so uncool). By the time she started her social media business 10 years later, social media marketing had caught on like wildfire. Everyone was realizing that if you want to grow your business, you need to tap into the power of social media. But here’s what she quickly realized: While plenty of people had profiles and were posting, few actually knew how to do so strategically. For many, social media had become a giant hamster wheel with no direction and no real proof of results. That’s why she created the Savvy Social School.