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The Masterclass in Business AI (MBAi)

Do you want to Survive and Thrive in the Age of AI?

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Learn how to build an AI driven business or career, from vision to execution.

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The Masterclass in Business AI (MBAi) Media

The Masterclass in Business AI (MBAi) is the single fastest way to understand the Why, What and How of building an AI Driven Business.

You’ll learn with both breadth and detail:

- The core Business Mechanics that make AI such a transformational capability.

- The key Economic Models that drive AI transformation from the macro and micro levels.

- The key Political drivers of new laws, regulations and values (ethics) focused on AI.

- How AI can support Strategy at the Corporate, Business and Functional levels.

- How to build organisations and organisational structures to industrialize AI benefit generation.

- How Digital, Data and AI Transformations can leverage each other to attain maximum benefits.

- How to evaluate Use Case and build scalable, fundable, high ROI AI Programs & Portfolios.

Your Instructors

  • Ian Wilson Headshot
    Ian Wilson Headshot

    Ian Wilson

    AI Specialist

    Ian Wilson is the former Global Head of Artificial Intelligence at banking giant HSBC. Prior to this role, Ian developed significant leadership experience as a board advisor, founder, CEO, and executive director from startups and scale-ups to major global organisations. His journey through the industry has taken him across three continents, from military AI to AI product companies startups and eventually to defining enterprise AI strategy and operating models for Global organizations.

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