Kat Boehm

The Curious Heart: An exploration of mindfulness and lifestyle practices.

Meditation and mindfulness for everyone at anytime.
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Your Outcome

Moments of mindfulness made easy for more moments of ease in life.

Course Offers

  1. 1
    You will develop the confidence to meditate on your own
  2. 2
    Learn to connect mindfully in daily life activities
  3. 3
    Understand the importance of self-compassion and kindness

Course Info

The Curious Heart meditation course offers you a precise yet gentle approach to mindfulness.

• You will be guided into the practice with a format based on what the Buddha taught.

• Learn the depth of this ancient practice and how it applies to modern times.

• Understand that thoughts, feelings and sensations are the entry point to meditation.

• Tease apart the difference between meditation and mindfulness.

• Discover different meditation techniques.

• Spend quality time with yourself.

• Refine the art of self-compassion and kindness.

Your Instructors

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    Kat Boehm

    Yoga Teacher

    Kat Boehm is a Canadian based meditation and yoga teacher. She began practicing meditation in 1997 sitting silent retreats in India, Burma, Nepal and the United States, including Insight Meditation Society Retreat Centre and Forest Refuge in Barre, Massachusetts. Kat constantly evolves and deepens her practice sitting retreats regularly and she has trained in cognitive based therapy plus completed a one year meditation and study program with her core teachers: Steve Armstrong and Kamala Masters.

    Kat has been teaching meditation since 2004. She teaches weekly classes, one-on-one mentoring and yearly meditation and nature retreats, more recently she expanded teaching internationally online. She is known for her down to earth style of teaching - approachable, humorous and inclusive.

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