Leon Hill & Sorelle Amore

The Codex & The Order

A course and membership to help you master independent income, finance, and become a global citizen of the world.
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Your Outcome

You're going to learn how to create an online knowledge-based business, master finances, attain multiple citizens and residencies, and learn the basics of investing.

Course Offers

  1. 1
    Learn how to monetise your existing skillset or passion online
  2. 2
    Create low-tax business and asset protection structures around the world
  3. 3
    Discover how to acquire multiple citizenships and residencies to allow increased freedom of movement
  4. 4
    Unlock global investment strategies

Course Info

Th Codex & The Order is the freedom and finance life manual you should have been given at birth.

So if you're seeking ultimate freedom in finances, earning power, and global movement, keep reading.

As part of the membership, each week, you'll get multiple info drops from Sorelle and Leon covering new online earning tactics, global citizenship and residency news, digital nomad tips, offshore company and banking news, and a look into what we're doing in our own lives to increase our income, investing opportunities, and freedom.

You'll also get access to a monthly live video seminar with the most important lessons and news from that month, and a Q&A session with Sorelle and Leon where we'll answer the most pressing questions from THE ORDER community.

Lastly, you'll get access to an online community containing THE ORDER members, to share information, ideas, and be accountable to like-minded freedom seekers like yourself.

Your Instructors

  • Leon Hill

    Leon Hill is a formed marketing consultant to global brands like ING bank, Volkswagen, Audi, and the United States Marine Corps. Both are Australian-born, who now call Iceland home.

  • Sorelle Amore
    Sorelle Amore

    Sorelle Amore


    Sorelle is Iceland's most-followed YouTuber, and has worked for some of the world's largest brands, including Samsung, Porsche, and Squarespace.

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