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A writer without a book on Amazon is losing money every day.

That sounds crazy to say in this modern world. Still, I'm dead convinced that it's true.

Writers without a book...

...lose money from fans who want to say thank you.

...lose chances to get discovered by people who don't read blogs.

...lose social proof necessary to charge the higher fees to clients.

Putting your great ideas in blog posts might make you a few dollars. But putting those same ideas in a book can launch you well into five figures.

Most blogs are seen and forgotten in a matter of moments. Books last a lifetime. If written correctly, they can provide a stream of recurring income years after you release them. As an added bonus, you’ll get the credibility of being a published author.

Books give you a level of certainty in an uncertain world for writers. Publishing on Amazon is the best place to get started.

If you're like most writers, you've wanted to write a book forever.

But most writers find themselves swimming in a flood of doubt every time they start.

“What kind of book should I write?”

“Do I know enough to write a book in the first place?”

“How am I ever going to find time to finish this?”

That's just the first part.

Even if they get a few chapters finished, the editing questions creep in...

"What kind of structure should I use?"

"What ideas should be cut?"

"What steps should be taken to make the book shine?"

Then, the sales panic...

"Do I need an agent to help me publish this thing?"

"How do I sell copies to people other than my mom?"

"What if people stop buying after two weeks?"

How do other people pull this off?

You start to believe the rumors of authors who run off into the woods, eat leaves, and squeeze out the next New York Times Bestseller. That sounds great but... well, who has that kind of time?

This is why 80% of people want to write a book, but never do.

Most people give up.

They go back to writing blogs and articles.

They hope that will be enough. Sometimes it is... but lurking beneath the surface is the unspoken danger of an algorithm change.

One update to an algorithm, and all your hard work could be cut off. You'll have to pivot and adjust and reinvent your whole strategy. A new algorithm means endless trial and error for the writer.

When you work for platforms only, you are enslaved to them.

They change, and you have to change.

Meanwhile, books keep selling.

Just like they always have.

Just like they always will.

What if most of your book were already written?

Most people assume that when you write a book, you have to start from scratch. That's not true anymore.

My friend Todd Brison is living proof of this. He wanted to write a book his whole life, but never found the time. After going viral dozens of times on Medium, he had a revelation. He didn't have to start from scratch.

The truth is, if you're writing online, you've started a book already.

It only takes a few steps to turn your existing ideas into a book, get paid twice for your work, and generate passive income for months or years down the road.

That first book was only the start of Todd's Amazon journey. Over the years, he picked up all the shortcuts. Little tricks. Master hacks. Secrets that most people are "too busy" to figure out.

He's using Amazon as his main channel to bring in passive book income. He also runs an Amazon Advertising agency, he knows what's going on behind the scenes as well as anyone in the book industry.

Your Instructors

  • Todd Brison
    Todd Brison

    Todd Brison


    Todd is a bestselling author who now works as a developmental editor, helping both business owners and ambitious people turn vague thoughts into non-fiction books that sell well. On that journey, he's collected 75,000 followers online, and has written and consulted on many books, one of which was named Business Book of the Year in 2020.  

    He believes that in a world of crypto and AI, of video and audio, writing a book is still the best way to help someone understand your big ideas. Books can earn a meaningful slot in a person's mind and a permanent place on their bookshelf.

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