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The 5-Day Impact

Expedite your growth with meaningful themes in just 5 days.
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Earn the consumer trust you seek by bringing purpose & impact to your business with this 5-day bulletproof growth framework.

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    Video modules based around themes for each day in your workweek
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Course Info

The 5-Day Impact Media

To progress, you need a process, so you'll be transformed by learning how to...

- Bring purpose & order to the chaos in your business

- Center each workday around a fun, impactful theme

- Focus your attention on meaningful work only

- Earn the love & trust you seek from your audience

- Employ the five (5) critical power-moves for a bulletproof growth strategy

Your Instructors

  • Darnell Brown

    Darnell Brown is a growth strategist, educator, and designer that helps aspiring entrepreneurs and today's leaders save time and impact lives through clarity, strategy, and empathy. He now shares proven, efficient insights from over 10 years of serving nearly 300 clients of all shapes and sizes. Helping businesses become more human and compelling is his purpose and privilege. His clients include BAND-AID, Passport Parking, and /dev/color.

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