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Target Customer Challenge

Learn the No. 1 secret to having a life while successfully marketing your business: Delivering Targeted Messages to the Right People
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In this Target Customer Challenge Course you'll optimize your marketing strategy to ensure you are reaching your target customer and speaking to them with language that drives connection and conversions.

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    10 thirty-minute lessons and homework exercises
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    4 Original Frameworks you won't get anywhere else
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    16 Pages of Printable worksheets
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Course Info

Target Customer Challenge Mock UP

The Target Customer Challenge is perfect for you if:

1. You are starting a new business venture or new product and want to be sure your messaging resonates with your target customer

2. You know you have a product that meets your customer's needs but you are struggling to reach them

3. You have an established business but haven't revised target customer work in a while and would like to refine your language and strategy

4. You launched your product and do not have a customer centric strategy

5. You need some motivation and step by step guidance on how to work on target customer

And in this course, you're going to learn how to:

1. Define your core stories

2. Perfect Your product pitch

4. Get smarter with social media and search

5. Leverage content, community, and collaborations to reach your target customer

So if you're ready to speak to your customer in a language that connects and converts...

Communicate your product's value using customer focused copy...

Reach more of your customers online and in Social Media...

And learn to create highly engaging content that gets more views...

You're going to absolutely love what's inside this this challenge.

Hear what our previous student, Gina, had to say about working with Mélissa:

"I had to do a lot of work on target... knowing your target intimately and in a deep way will save so much time and money and help you serve the people you are meant to serve. You are literally someone's miracle and you need to find that person. Mélissa has the process of target down. You won't necessarily understand it at the time but your target will guide you every time. Mélissa taught me that ."

— Gina McCauley AuntieGina.com

Your Instructors

  • Mélissa Peng Profile picture
    Mélissa Peng Profile picture

    Mélissa Peng

    Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur & Business Coach

    Mélissa Peng a.k.a the Curly Executive is an award-winning brand marketer turned entrepreneur, content creator, and business coach.

    Mélissa’s journey in marketing started at the ripe young age of 8 as her mother's right-hand woman in door-to-door makeup sales and eventually several network marketing organizations. Mélissa earned her MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and held roles with marketing behemoths including Procter & Gamble, Macy’s, and NBC Universal. After 10 years of successfully climbing the corporate ladder and earning the title of Director of Marketing at the age of 30, she left corporate and her six-figure salary to build a lifestyle focused on pursuing her many passions and her newfound purpose of helping others do the same.

    In addition to founding Curly Executive Mélissa is the artist behind Camellias and Curls, a handmade flower hair accessories brand and its tutorial arm Flower College, and the creator of Pon Di Beat, a Dance Hall and Afrobeat dance masterclass series in Austin, Texas.

    When she is not busy running her businesses or consulting for others you can find her vlogging or sharing content with her husband via their couples YouTube channel and production company Chocolate Covered Chopstix.

    Mélissa is an avid traveler, speaks several languages, and has worked and lived in the USA, France, Italy, India, China, Singapore, and Korea. She is passionate about working with a diverse clientele and has a soft spot for female entrepreneurs and crafters.

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