Clem Ozel

Spanish I(A)

Advance your language skills in a proven, effective model within a community of language learners!
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Your Outcome

By the end of this class, you will be able to: - greet and introduce yourself - have basic conversations (in the present) about your family, work & home - express preferences (likes and dislikes) in hobbies and activities, addition to other critical everyday language!

Course Offers

  1. 1
    Weekly prep lesson videos (the critical #flippedlearning component for online success)
  2. 2
    Interactive quizzes to check your understanding
  3. 3
    Practice activities including sound files and pronunciation exercises - flashcards and more!
  4. 4
    Weekly office hours: get to know the team!
  5. 5
    Monthly virtual events to learn & to connect
  6. 6
    3 days per week virtual LIVE face-to-face classroom

Course Info

If you want to learn how to speak Spanish quickly and efficiently, the best way is to surround yourself with a community of people who speak the language.

With this course, not only do you get to connect with people within this community, but you get science-backed methods on how to learn Spanish fast.

There'll be pronunciation classes...

Interactive quizzes...

Monthly virtual events...

And so much more.

This course will bring you closer to:

- sounding like a native speaker

- being understood by native speakers!

- Having fun and gaining confidence speaking in Spanish!

You'll practice and strengthen your pronunciation and uncover the nuances and lyricism of spoken Spanish.

So if you'd like to gain confidence speaking Spanish and find it easier to connect with other people around the globe, this course is for you!

Your Instructors

  • Clem Ozel

    Freestyle Languages takes adult language learners from complete beginner to advanced (able to hold 1 hr long conversations!) through an innovative, science-backed model that emphasizes culture, conversation, connection, and community.

    We're passionate about connecting people through language and proving that adults can effectively learn a second language, given the many lifelong benefits inherent in language learning: enriched travel experiences, professional development, brain benefits, cross-cultural competency, and deeper connections with a wider variety of people, just to name a few!

    Our goal is to help as many learners as possible reach their language learning goals - whatever they may be, no matter when you decide to start!

2 Monthly Payments
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee