TrendWatching Academy, Livia Fioretti & Nathania Christy

Purpose-Driven Innovation Methodology

Access 10 years and 300+ trend workshops worth of global learnings at leading brands.


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Your Outcome

This course is going to teach you how to work with trends in a professional setting – regardless of experience – and give you a certification in TrendWatching's Purpose-Driven Innovation methodology.

Course Offers

  1. 1
    A certification in PDI Methodology alongside all the tools at your disposal
  2. 2
    Lifetime access to 25 lessons including 27 videos + 14 PDFs + 12 exercises covering how to work with consumer trends and use them to innovate (with true purpose)
  3. 3
    Access to the TW Alumni network with networking and community-based opportunities to further develop your purpose-driven journey
  4. 4
    Interactive Q&A with the core analyst team and access to the TrendWatching Academy alumni program to meet and network with fellow purpose-driven professionals and innovators

Course Info

In this course, you'll have 5 core modules:

1. Purpose

2. Scan

3. Strategize

4. Ideate

5. Inspire

...and by the end of the course, you'll be confident in knowing how to:

- Research and analyze emerging consumer trends and innovations: you'll understand forecasting and new, creative approaches on where to spot trends, including exclusive access to our extensive resource list.

- Generate innovation ideas that are sustainable and purposeful using key academic frameworks on mission, vision and how to find your purpose fit.

- Build your own trend insight and research department – and get practical tools for your internal strategy, ideation sessions and culture-building: Consumer Trend Radar and Canvas, Mega-trend Mapping and much more.

- Drive a purpose-driven innovation culture – and run your own strategy and ideation workshops.

Your Instructors

  • TrendWatching avatar
    TrendWatching avatar

    TrendWatching Academy

    The Academy is an online course in which TrendWatching, one of the world’s leading trends consultancy, honed over 10+ years of working with consumer trends and their proprietary methodology into a new curriculum. It is now used by 400+ brands, agencies and universities worldwide. It is designed to train you in forecasting trends, applying them in your innovation process, and turning your insights into meaningful business opportunities. Everything at your own pace and with support from TrendWatching’s analysts.

  • Livia Fioretti

    Head of TrendWatching Academy

    Livia Fioretti is a strategist passionate about trends, culture and consumer insights who is currently Head of Academy at TrendWatching. After specializing in Design Research for Innovation, Livia worked at major ad agencies, start-ups and consultancies (from Brazil to Spain to the UK) to help them apply trends within their organisations.

    At TrendWatching, her portfolio includes Warner Media, Discovery, Dentsu, BBK, Renault, and she provides mentorships to institutions like HEC Paris, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Vanderbilt University and more. She is is an accomplished speaker, who has presented trend keynotes and innovation workshops in 30+ different cities from Ecuador to Norway.

  • Nathania

    Nathania Christy

    Course Instructor

    Throughout the Academy course, a trained associate in trends – Nia – will be guiding you through the variety of lessons, quizzes, and content in working with trends.