Tami Macala

Pet Portrait Mosaic in Stained Glass with Tami Macala

Learn to create your very own pet portrait in stained glass mosaic art.

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Learn a few tips on how they can create a portrait of their favorite pet.

Course Offers

  1. 1
    How to find the best image
  2. 2
    How trace the image
  3. 3
    How to choose the stained glass
  4. 4
    How to cut basic glass shapes
  5. 5
    How to glue the pieces on the substrate

Course Info

Follow Tami Macala online as she creates a pet portrait mosaic in stained glass before your eyes.

Watch and learn the step-by-step process with her as she breaks it down to a very achievable project. She will begin with what type of pet to choose as the subject, and how to photograph the pet. You will also learn the right substrate for this process. She will instruct on how to properly trace the art work for your pet, and how to get values, shading, and gradation with the stained glass. There is also a section covering Tami's unique and creative process for cutting the glass into very specific shapes. Students will also get an in-depth lesson on cutting the glass with wheel nippers, so students can always achieve straight cuts.

Tami takes over three sections to teach the creation of the eyes of your pet. This is the most important part of the portrait and translating the expression of the eyes into the mosaic is crucial. Students will learn exactly how it is done. Once the eyes are complete, Tami walks students through the rest of the pet portrait including the best choice for the background glass color and pattern. Tami covers all of the same information and material taught at her in-person workshops. Now is your chance to learn all these techniques "in your own space, and at your own pace." There is a full downloadable PDF with all the tools, materials and resources to get you started.

Watch the promo video for FREE as Tami explains in detail all the steps she takes in teaching how to create a pet portrait mosaic in stained glass. The brilliance of owning this course is the endless amount of times you can refer back to the information. Some students prefer to take a course "in person" which is always nice for meeting and engaging with the teacher. However, when you own this online course, you will have the ability to watch from an "over hands" view. Also, an online course allows students to refer back as often as needed and see up close without distractions. This is one the best forms of learning and practicing this style of mosaic.

Your Instructors

  • Tami Macala Headshot
    Tami Macala Headshot

    Tami Macala

    Mosaic Artist

    Tami Macala, founder of Create Arts Online has been a professional artist for over 20 years. In 2016 she founded her first online art school Mosaic Arts Online. When she realized that there was a need to serve more art mediums she opened Create Arts Online in 2020. Now with over 100 courses and 40 instructors between both schools, Tami loves producing online courses that can reach a larger audience of eager and enthusiastic art students around the world. 

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