Paint Your Pet - For First-Time & Beginner Painters

Learn the basics of acrylic painting, 1 step at a time by painting something you love.
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Your Outcome

Learn that you are more creative than you realize, and produce a beautiful portrait of your pet painted by YOU! (Paint as many portraits as you want)

Course Offers

  1. 1
    Perfect for First-time & Beginner Painters
  2. 2
    Self-paced course (Paint as many pets as you want)
  3. 3
    10+ hours of step by step video instruction specific to your Pets fur color
  4. 4
    Private Paint Your Pet group with direct support from Lovejoy
  5. 5
    Live Weekly Q&A with Lovejoy
  6. 6
    Discover the relaxing benefits of painting
  7. 7
    Learn how to paint using the value scale (a skill you can apply to all future creative projects)
  8. 8
    Make great family/friend memories by doing this together
  9. 9
    Great art lesson for creative kids (ages 10+)
  10. 10
    Learn from an instructor with over 10 years of teaching this specific course

Course Info

Paint Your Pet Media

Let's go over exactly what you will get from the paint your pet course.

Perfect for First-time & beginner painters of ALL AGES

How to Paint YOUR Pet at Home

In the course you will learn:

-The basics of acrylic painting

-Supplies you need to buy

-How to see & think like an artist

-How to pick, crop & edit your pet photo

-How to transfer the photo to your canvas (using Carbon Paper or graphite pencil)

-How to mix paint

-How to see & paint the "Value Scale" in your pets' fur

-How to paint stylized eyes that bring life to your painting

-How to be kind to yourself as you go through the painting process


-Have more fun than you realize

-Learn to see the world from a new perspective

-Appreciate the beauty of your pet even more

-Be more relaxed after painting than when you started

-Have a new appreciation for creativity

Your Instructors

  • Lovejoy Headshot
    Lovejoy Headshot



    Lovejoy has taught first-time & beginner painters exclusively for the last 15 years, her "Paint Your Pet" class was the first in San Diego in 2013, and with the endorsement of the San Diego Humane Society & other local non-profit rescue groups the class became an instant hit! Her local students have helped the class grow by coming back and bringing friends. She has helped self-proclaimed un-creative people find joy in painting and see the world from a new perspective. From her students' enthusiasm and support, Lovejoy pushed to develop this as an online course.

    Lovejoy graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design in 2003.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee