Sharon Blair

My Happy Place. A Mixed Media Workshop in Perfectly Imperfect Landscape Painting.

If you've ever wanted to learn the layering depth and techniques of mixed media abstract landscape art, this comprehensive course will help you bring your vision to the canvas in stunning fashion!

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Whether you're stuck in a rut with your art or simply looking for new abstract ideas, this exciting course from Australian artist Sharon Blair will help you escape your creative chaos. Distilling more than two decades' worth of abstract art experience, Sharon will share how to create stunning mixed media pieces from start to finish – using a toolbox of clever techniques. Along the way, you'll draw on your own experiences and memories as you embrace a playful approach to building layers, managing colour and ultimately producing brilliant pieces filled with meaning.

Course Offers

  1. 1
    This course in mixed media abstract landscapes has been designed to be easy to follow
  2. 2
    with step-by-step lessons broken up into relevant sections.
  3. 3
    There are 20 lessons in total – all professionally shot in my actual art studio here in Australia.
  4. 4
    These lessons are split across SIX main sections – each representing an important stage in the process.
  5. 5
    There are more than six hours of quality multi-camera video plus extra printable resources included in this course.
  6. 6
    The entire course can be completed at your own pace – over a few months or one rainy long weekend!
  7. 7
    By the end of the course you will have a unique finished piece as well as all my tips and techniques at your fingertips to help create future pieces.

Course Info

My Happy Place Media

Where creativity meets wellbeing...

Art is an incredible outlet – allowing us to escape into a world where there are no limitations. This freedom is not only good for the soul, but has also proven to have wider health benefits for people of all ages and situations.

My approach to mixed media art is all about “play not perfection” – freeing yourself and simply letting your creativity flow. It’s a big part of my workshops. I also teach you to draw on your own memories to create pieces that truly “speak” to you – each layer imbued with deeper meaning.

My mission is to create an environment where you give yourself permission to play and explore your creative confidence. Instead of a MIND FULL of unrealistic expectations and self doubt, you will become more MINDFUL – embracing a perfectly imperfect approach to art and life.

Your Instructors

  • Sharon Blair Headshot
    Sharon Blair Headshot

    Sharon Blair

    Mixed Media Abstract Artist

    Hi, I'm Sharon – a mixed media abstract artist based in the idyllic South Coast of NSW, Australia. I've spent more than 20 years creating, exhibiting and selling my unique artworks – and now I'm so excited to share my passion with you!

    With every piece I create, I draw inspiration from nature. The colours, the patterns – never uniform, but "perfectly imperfect". And it's this same "playful-not-perfect" approach I bring to the canvas – art imitating life and creativity inspired by chaos rather than fighting it.

    This sense of play is key to my abstract art – letting each piece evolve organically and celebrating the journey, not just the finished piece. I bring this same energy to my studio, to my in-person workshops, and now, to you in this course.

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