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Mindfulness for Creators

Daily Habits, Practices & Routines to help you go from Reactive & Stressed to Proactive & Focused.


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Your Outcome

Inside Mindfulness for Creators, you'll be given the exact steps needed to take you away from a negative, reactive and stressed out mindset, and into a place of total productivity.

Course Offers

  1. 1
    A powerful short video course broken down into three modules
  2. 2
    Illustrative videos text-based recaps and hands-on exercises
  3. 3
    Build-your-own-morning routine charts and templates
  4. 4
    Practices to help you instill the mindfulness practices into your system
  5. 5
    Access to an exclusive private student group with me + other talented creators.

Course Info

Mindfullness for Creators has three main modules.

With each one focusing on one of Julia's ten-year “secrets” to a successful mindset and life as a content creator.

These modules center around:

• Module 1: Mindset

Inside this module, Julia shows you what her daily routines and practices are like.

This includes a morning “ritual” that increases productivity by up to 50%.

(You can practice the exact routines Julia shares, or use them as inspiration as you build your own.)

• Module 2: Setting

This module is all about creating the kind of space that brings out your creative powers.

Julia walks you through every setup in her house, share tips and methods on how to work in small spaces, shows you how to set up your workspace, give you a list of the tools she uses to save time and energy, and much more.

• Module 3: Nutrition

In this module, Julia shares how she went from getting sick every other month, to going an entire year without a single illness.

As a real-life, full-time digital practitioner, these tips will truly share how you can use food to improve your own life, get rid of brain fog, and boost productivity to amazing heights.

Know what else you’ll love about this course?

It’s not created like those generic info videos you find online.

It’s a personal experience…for you.

This course is all about you.

That’s why besides the video modules and beautiful, filmed & illustrative videos, there are also text-based summaries, lessons, homework, and real-time exercises to help you instill your new mindset.

Plus, you’ll have access to an exclusive student group where you can ask Julia questions and meet other creators who are going through the same stuff you are.

Julia will share content in this course that's helped her agency gain 5,000+ happy clients and surpass the 7-figure mark.

And this is a chance for you to grab a lifetime seat inside for only $47.

Enrolment is open for this week only, and once it opens again in a few months time, this course will be at a much higher price.

So if you’re ready to take your creativity to the next level…

…do the things you’ve always planned but never had the time or energy to do…

…and feel excited, passionate, and happy every single day…

Sign up for Mindfulness for Creators today.

You won’t regret it.

Your Instructors

  • Julia McCoy

    Content Marketing Influencer, Educator and Author

    Julia McCoy is a serial entrepreneur, content marketing strategist, and a passionate advocate of using content to build a business. Back in 2011, she founded a writing agency, Express Writers, after dropping out of college with nothing but a hope, dream, and $75. She also runs The Content Hacker where she teaches everything she knows.