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Meditation for Absolute Beginners

Learn to Meditate once and for all.
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Get inspired and feel empowered to integrate the transformation practice of Meditation into your daily life. Nurture your mind so your mind can nurture you!

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    Supportive and Experiential Learning
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    35 Informative Videos
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    16 Downloadable Guided Meditations
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    Fully online and pre-recorded
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Course Info

Meditation For Absolute Beginners Media

'Meditation For Absolute Beginners' is a fully pre-recorded, online course aiming to support and inspire participants to start their own meditation practice once and for all. 

This 10-part series will explore what meditation is and how you can successfully integrate it into everyday life. During this course, participants will be provided with a wide selection of meditation styles and tools to discover and try out. With 16 downloadable meditations, it’s designed to be a practical and transformative exploration.

By the end of the course, participants will have the tools and the know-how to find their own rhythm when it comes to starting out as their own mediation practitioner.

Your Instructors

  • Abigail Poulton Headshot
    Abigail Poulton Headshot

    Abigail Poulton

    As You Are Life School Founder, Abigail Poulton, is an experienced and engaging Yoga & Meditation Teacher. She has been sharing these transformative and sustaining practices in public, private and corporate settings for many years.

    Ready to share her teachings with the wider world and most importantly - YOU - Abigail seeks to provide you with tools, techniques and practices that allow you to find stability, trust and contentment from deep within.

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