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Create a substantial net worth, generate passive income and achieve the ability to retire early and enjoy life.


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    Over 100 in depth specific videos on principles to grow your wealth
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    Kevin's "Buy and Sell Alerts" so you know what he's investing in right when he does it
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    Private live streams every day the market is open to cover what's going on
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    Access to a Members Only Discord Channel where you can join a community of thousands of members
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    Live support from Kevin

Course Info

"Do you feel like you're on a MISSION to build real wealth and determined to grow your net worth?"

Maybe right now, you feel TRAPPED in a paycheck-to-paycheck loop and wish you could get off that ride?

Or maybe you’re already well on your way to growing your wealth, but you want to learn ways to accelerate the wealth-building process?

Would it be nice if...

You could learn the principles to reach your goals faster...

...and make your money go further than it ever has before?

If you know me and my story, you know that I was a guy working at Jamba Juice who now has over $20 million invested in real estate and $20 million invested in stocks.

I was also a busboy cleaning off plates of hamburgers at Red Robin...

I came from a broken, immigrant home with divorced parents.

When I became an adult, I stepped out into the world with pretty much zero money.

I started with nothing and have built a net worth that to me thinking about how far I’ve come - is pretty crazy.

When I was making those tasty drinks for thirsty customers at Jamba Juice, I secretly plotted my escape.

I grew my skills, learned a ton, and started investing anything I could into the market.

Even before my YouTube income, I grew my net worth into the millions through some hard work and good financial decision-making.

It’s been a while now that I could have retired and moved somewhere else with maybe a Mediterranean climate like the French Riviera or something… but I love teaching this stuff.

If I had to tell you one thing about growing your net worth, it would be this: START NOW...


Don’t wait any longer to learn the principles that can help you grow your income, investments, and wealth.

Start today.

You need to get on the exponential net worth curve as soon as possible. The sooner you start, the better.

You do not want to wait on this.

“If I wanted to start now, where would I even begin, or what would I do next?”

Well, that’s why I created this course...

To help you grow your net worth with Stocks & the Psychology of Money.

I break everything down for you in an organized, easy-to-understand way.

This program is so much more than any program I’ve put together before.

No matter where you are in your journey to growing your wealth, and no matter your knowledge of the stock market, you can benefit highly from the material in this course.

This program is about your psychology on spending money, making money, and investing money to grow your net worth.

I want to bust the myths associated with wealth.

I want everyone who goes through this program to walk away feeling confident on stock investing, index funds, syndications, credit, which credit cards to use, how to maximize your credit score, how to pay off debt fast, and we’ll even dabble in real estate.

We’ll talk about how to negotiate higher pay to finally get paid what you deserve.

We’ll talk about making more money, building wealth and getting out of that paycheck to paycheck trap that so many people are stuck in.

And if you’re already making good money, this course will help you get to that next level of wealth faster.

Maybe you even want to learn how to build generational wealth where your children’s children will benefit from your investments.

If any of this is interesting, then this course is for you.

LIFETIME ACCESS To The Lectures Can Benefit You No Matter If:

You are heavily in debt. You are moderately in debt. You have no savings. You have less income than you’d like. You have no investments. You have no idea where to start. ⛔️ [Heads Up: This is NOT a Get-Rich-Quick Tool]


✅ Stocks, Fundamental Stock Analysis, Company Valuations

✅ Trading, Stock Margin, Options, Technical Analysis, Investing Strategies

✅ Family Finance

✅ Happiness

✅ Negotiating raises

✅ Employment tricks and hacks

✅ Tax suggestions and Strategies for Retiring

✅ And much much more…

And you’re going to get something you don't get anywhere else...

You're going to get my psychological tricks for making your money go way further than it ever has before.

And the goal of all this is to do it while working less, making more passive income, and finally getting onto the path to retiring early.

Now, I want to clarify who will benefit the most from this course and who won’t.

Because if it’s not right for you, I don’t want you to enroll...

When you join today, you’re going to get LIFETIME ACCESS to this course.

Again, this can benefit you NO MATTER if...

You are in debt. Or you have no savings. Or you have less income than you’d like. It’ll benefit you even if you currently have little to no investments or NO IDEA where to start.

Even if you don’t have a lot of money to invest at the moment.

Your Instructors

  • Kevin Paffrath

    In 2018, Kevin began sharing his knowledge on Youtube and by 2021, had over 1.6 million subscribers with over 353 MILLION views on social media helping viewers learn about personal finance, stocks, taxes, real estate, investing, and building wealth.