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Marketing in Full Flow

Crush the 5 core barriers multi-passionate entrepreneurs often face on their path to growing successful 5, 6, or 7 figure businesses.

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    Identify the top barriers you face in the areas of business & life visioning. Targeting your ideal customer. Finding focus. Planning & measuring success metrics and money mindset.
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    Learn 10 frameworks to help you combat common pitfalls encountered at all levels of launching and scaling your business.
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    Deep dive into the work with Mélisssa's straight to the point high energy lessons and your 48 page course workbook

Course Info

In this jam-packed course learn Mélissa's top 10 frameworks for success in marketing your business or passion project.

By the end of this course, you'll crush the 5 core barriers multi-passionate entrepreneurs often face on their path to growing successful 5, 6, or 7 figure businesses.

If you're stuck or you're already smashing your goals, these frameworks promise to give you a new perspective and to keep you in full flow.

This course is for you if you want to:

1. Have a clear business vision that is aligned to your personal life goals

2. Work with customers that align to your core values and who make you want to give

3. Get clarity on what opportunities are the best ones for you to pursue

4. Clearly definied success metrics and detailed sales and traffic goals for your business

5. Identify and confront the money mindset barriers that are stopping you from taking your bank account to the next level

From the curly executive community:

Gina Says:

"Mélissa changed my life in a sense... I was buying all the courses, going to all the webinars, joining group coaching programs... I did all those things but I wasn't getting to where I needed to be. My life is so much better... because Mélissa made me get clear on not only what I wanted but why I want it."

— Gina McCauley AuntieGina.com

Cyber crusading warrior princess, Author, Event Producer, Auntie of 9, General Counsel

Eaton Says:

"Mélissa's course has absolutely changed my life and how I view marketing and business...her visioning exercises are amazing and I believe this is what truly sets her apart from other people."

-Eaton Burke aka Pyrotech Unruly, Tafari Burke

A message from Mélissa:

Hello Hello Hello! For the past 4 years I have been living my dream of pursuing my diverse passions on my own terms, it would be my honor to help you do the same! New and emerging digital opportunities have created a world where you can get paid to be YOU! It's my mission to help launch and sustain more heart centered giving entrepreneurs as I truly believe we help create a better future. There is nothing better then feeling like your purpose and place in the world is aligned. Let me help you get in flow.

Right now is a unique time. We have been given the opportunity to pause. Whether you join our commity or land elsewhere I encourage you to use this moment to choose to live an intentional life, one where you decide what comes next.

This course is a jam packed fluff- free focused rundown of some of my top frameworks in areas critical for anyone wanting to build a scaled buisness model that alignes to your ideal lifestyle. These framework and tips are the culmination of my 10 + years among the best in corporate marketing and 6 years leading multiple entrepreneurial endeavors. You will leave with tools you can use for a lifetime. I can not wait to work with you!

Your Instructors

  • Mélissa Peng Profile picture
    Mélissa Peng Profile picture

    Mélissa Peng

    Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur & Business Coach

    Mélissa Peng a.k.a the Curly Executive is an award-winning brand marketer turned entrepreneur, content creator, and business coach.

    Mélissa’s journey in marketing started at the ripe young age of 8 as her mother's right-hand woman in door-to-door makeup sales and eventually several network marketing organizations. Mélissa earned her MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and held roles with marketing behemoths including Procter & Gamble, Macy’s, and NBC Universal. After 10 years of successfully climbing the corporate ladder and earning the title of Director of Marketing at the age of 30, she left corporate and her six-figure salary to build a lifestyle focused on pursuing her many passions and her newfound purpose of helping others do the same.

    In addition to founding Curly Executive Mélissa is the artist behind Camellias and Curls, a handmade flower hair accessories brand and its tutorial arm Flower College, and the creator of Pon Di Beat, a Dance Hall and Afrobeat dance masterclass series in Austin, Texas.

    When she is not busy running her businesses or consulting for others you can find her vlogging or sharing content with her husband via their couples YouTube channel and production company Chocolate Covered Chopstix.

    Mélissa is an avid traveler, speaks several languages, and has worked and lived in the USA, France, Italy, India, China, Singapore, and Korea. She is passionate about working with a diverse clientele and has a soft spot for female entrepreneurs and crafters.

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