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LinkedIn for Social Selling and Job Search

Discover the power of LinkedIn to advance your career or business.

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Learn how to connect to the right people and advance your business and your career online.

Course Offers

  1. 1
    Creating a strong profile which will market and attract for you
  2. 2
    Targeting prospects using the Advanced Search and other tools
  3. 3
    How to best connect with people (and how not to)
  4. 4
    How to expand your network effortlessly by getting invitations from the right profiles
  5. 5
    How to use the tools on LinkedIn to market and promote your products or services
  6. 6
    How to get the most out of LinkedIn with a minimum time investment.

Course Info

LinkedIn is the most important business networking platform giving professionals the ability to connect, expand their network and promote their skills, services and products.

It is much more than a business social platform, it is also an unprecedented source of new customers, prospects and partners. And it can help you land a new or better paid job.

LinkedIn is your digital business card and can become a very powerful network platform. Personal branding is becoming increasingly important. How do you make a strong impression online? How do you connect to the right people? How do you distinguish yourself with a strong profile?

In this course, you will discover the power of LinkedIn as a way to advance your career or business and when you join, you'll get a free review of your profile!

Your Instructors

  • Lieven Buyse

    Lieven Buyse is a communication trainer, coach and managing partner at Expert Academy.

    His passion is to help others to have more success in business through professional communication.

    He provides training, coaching and guidance for companies and individuals who want to reach their professional goals and strongly believes that through training and coaching, anyone can be an expert in their profession or field.

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