Tami Macala

Learn to Create a Mosaic Address Sign

Learn how to make your own personal address sign.
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Your Outcome

Tami Macala will demonstrate three ways to easily create your own address sign for indoor or outdoor display.

Course Offers

  1. 1
    You will what are the best tools and materials
  2. 2
    Best number fonts for mosaic address signs
  3. 3
    Simple ways to transfer the numbers
  4. 4
    Easy accessible materials to create a successful address sign
  5. 5
    How to adhere the tiles for your address sign

Course Info

Learn to Create a Mosaic Address Sign Thumbnail

Have you been searching for the perfect address sign for your home, or wanted to give something unique for a housewarming gift? Now is your chance to create a beautiful mosaic address sign using Mexican Smalti tile.

Join Tami Macala, owner of Mosaic Arts Online, as she leads you step-by-step in creating your very own address sign.

In this online course Tami creates an address sign using Mexican Smalti tile. She also introduces viewers to the many other possible materials that can also be used to create this project.

Tami starts by introducing a variety of substrates that can be used for creating your address sign. She will execute the mosaic in this course using the “EZ Mosaic Frame” technique from Wits End Mosaic, but there are endless options.

From here, Tami leads you through the different design and template choices, and then describes a variety of tesserae (materials). She will then share the best adhesives for this exterior grade mosaic.

Tami goes into great detail demonstrating the different cutting techniques for each of the materials she introduces. This gives students a comprehensive lesson for creating this project with other materials. These can then be used on other projects in the future.

Once your materials are chosen, Tami takes you on an in-depth journey creating a Mexican Smalti address sign. She spends a great deal of time cutting and adhering tiles. Students will listen to music while they observe Tami working in front of the camera.

When the mosaic is complete and it is time to grout, Tami introduces you to epoxy grout. Tami will show you how to get more “pop” from your numbers by choosing certain grout colors and using a double color technique. Learning how to use epoxy grout is a great skill to have and can be used for any type of mosaic art project or installation.

Your Instructors

  • Tami Macala Headshot
    Tami Macala Headshot

    Tami Macala

    Mosaic Artist

    Tami Macala, founder of Create Arts Online has been a professional artist for over 20 years. In 2016 she founded her first online art school Mosaic Arts Online. When she realized that there was a need to serve more art mediums she opened Create Arts Online in 2020. Now with over 100 courses and 40 instructors between both schools, Tami loves producing online courses that can reach a larger audience of eager and enthusiastic art students around the world. 

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