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Gain the tools and resources you need along with the opportunity to discover, develop, launch and maximize your potential.

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    Ten self-paced courses designed to build and grow your leadership skills
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    Content is delivered through video/audio as well as assignments and interactive discussions
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    Each participant leaves with their own self-made Leadership Development Plan with actionable and attainable goals to keep your ne knowledge working for you long after the Leadership Institute is over

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Go Beyond’s Leadership Institute provides the tools and resources necessary to go beyond feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, stressed and stuck in your role to become a confident, agile, composed leader, equipped to successfully navigate every situation. Leadership is not a title or a position. It is influence and the ability to deliver results.

The Leadership Institute consists of ten, self-paced courses. Courses are designed to be completed in order, building upon previous content. The courses are self-paced, packed with relevant knowledge and ready to implement strategies. Content is delivered through video, audio, assignments, interactive discussions, etc. You will leave each course equipped and energized to lead with increased confidence, composure, competence, agility and inspiration.

Let us help you build the bridge between your perceived limits and your untapped potential.

Your Instructors

  • Gina Bullis Headshot
    Gina Bullis Headshot

    Gina Bullis

    Leadership Educator

    Gina is dedicated to providing quality solutions to support your leadership development. A talented leader with diverse leadership experience, Gina has worked across multiple industry sectors; K-12 Education, Healthcare, Professional Services and Construction. With Leadership Development as her core skill she demonstrates extraordinary ability to connect, inspire and lead people in the discovery, development and deployment of their strengths, agility, skills and potential. She profoundly believes that every individual has within them the resources and potential to grow and be a leader of great influence, impacting their organizations and the world. They simply need the tools, resources, and opportunity to discover, develop and launch their potential.