Christopher Golis

Introduction to Practical Emotional Intelligence: The 7MTF

People drive performance; Emotions drive people; Temperament drives emotions; the secret to lifting your EQ is 7MTF model of temperament.
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Your Outcome

If you want to build a successful career and have been told you lack people skills or emotional intelligence then this is the course for you.

Course Offers

  1. 1
    Downloadable 45-page workbook
  2. 2
    Personal EQ Assessment to determine your EQ temperament profile
  3. 3
    Lessons on the science and history of the 7MTF model of temperament
  4. 4
    Video lectures on the 7 EQ Temperament Factors

Course Info

Learn a practical, scientifically valid profiling tool to understand yourself and dramatically increase your empathy and social skills in only five hours.

If you have a good reputation for completing tasks but a poor reputation for emotional intelligence this course will teach you a scientifically valid method for improving your emotional intelligence particularly with superiors.

If you are worried about your lack of people skills, this course will start you on a journey of dramatic improvement.

If you are a prospective manager, leader or salesperson that's continually being passed over for promotion, this course will significantly improve your performance in your current position and dramatically increase the likelihood of promotion.

Here's a breakdown of the course:

The course comprises ten lessons and takes five hours to complete.

In the first lesson, after you have downloaded the 45-page workbook, you determine your EQ temperament profile by completing the Personal EQ Assessment.

You are then introduced to the science and history of the 7MTF model of temperament.

In the next seven lessons, you are introduced to the seven EQ temperament factors: Socialiser, Doublechecker, Artist, Politician, Engineer, GoGetter and Regulator.

Each lesson comprises a video lecture, questions, and video answers to questions.

In the ninth lesson, you learn how to recognise the dominant EQ components in a person within 60 seconds using the TOPDOG mnemonic.

Finally, the course concludes by showing a video and discussing the second most important purchase most people make - their automobile.

We are emotional beings. We are not rational. We are post-rational. We feel and react first then rationalize it so what we choose to do makes sense and is consistent with our notion of who we are.

Everything that is truly important to us as people has an emotional anchor. The 7MTF temperament will help you work out your own emotional anchors and that of other people.

Your Instructors

  • Christopher Golis

    Chris Golis is a graduate of Cambridge and the London Business School. His first career was in IT, where he progressed from a systems engineer with IBM to a salesperson with ICL, to a General Manager with TNT. He then switched to Financial Services becoming an investment banker with BT Australia and then a venture capitalist for 25 years where he was the director of some 30 private and public companies following the raising of five venture capital funds.

    In 2007, Chris semi-retired and decided to pursue a vision of lifting people’s emotional intelligence by teaching them that the secret is to learn a model of temperament (your genetic emotional pre-disposition) that is practical, scientifically valid, easy-to-use, and trait based: The 7MTF.

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