Lisa He

Intermediate Cake Decorating

Learn to decorate cakes that WOW the crowd without taking all day!
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Your Outcome

In this course, you're going to discover how you can create 3 seasonal cakes using a suite of transferable, versatile techniques.

Course Offers

  1. 1
    Learn not only the techniques but also be involved as Lisa shows you how to fix mistakes when things don't go as planned
  2. 2
    Beautiful cakes are great... but they should also taste amazing. Malek and Lisa share their coveted cake and buttercream recipes with you
  3. 3
    Get insights from two bakers with very different backgrounds: learn from their thought process and pick up tips/tricks that you otherwise may not know of
  4. 4
    Lisa and Malek share their thoughts with you about certain components that can be store bought vs. made from scratch
  5. 5
    Receive support from like minded bakers across the world in their private FB page
  6. 6
    Hours of video footage walking you through 3 seasonal cake designs and various techniques
  7. 7
    Recipes and written guides (including equipment and troubleshooting) for all cakes
  8. 8
    Access to the members-only FB page for additional support or Q&A

Course Info

In this course, you're going to learn how to create a delicious Black Forest cake decorated with stripes, drips, modelling chocolate and sparkly cherries.

With these basics skills under your belt, you'll be ready for the next two designs!

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

- Have the PERFECT centerpiece for your holiday gathering...

- "Paint" on the buttercream, chocolate details, and rice krispie treat/truffle pumpkins.

- Create mirror glaze, isomalt snowflakes, crystal candy gems and MORE!

Your Instructors

  • Lisa He Borderlands Bakery profile picture
    Lisa He Borderlands Bakery profile picture

    Lisa He

    Founder of Borderlands Bakery

    Borderlands Bakery began as a hobby for founder and CEO, Lisa He. Growing up as a first-generation immigrant, the oven in her house was used for storage, not baking. It wasn’t until college that she discovered baking and the stress-relieving benefits she experienced from the process.

    While pursuing her engineering degree and then a career in biotech, Lisa fostered her love for cookie decorating and education. Her social media grew steadily and organically over time as she shared her journey and encouraged others to do the same. Eventually, her work was noticed and she had the opportunity to be featured on Netflix, Food Network, and in many publications.

    In November 2019, Lisa left her biotech career to serve the Borderlands Bakery community full time. Today, Borderlands Bakery offers baking-related products in the shop, a blog full of helpful posts, YouTube with long-form content, and digital courses.

    We are also committed to positive change at Borderlands Bakery and consistently find ways to give back to our community through free mentorship opportunities for other small businesses, recurring donations to organizations that support inclusivity and diversity, and participating in causes that help amplify the voices of those in need.

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