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How To Build Your Online Presence, Gain Influence & Get Attention You Deserve.
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Learn how to establish a personal brand, become an influencer in your niche, get more sales for your online or brick & mortar business, get more leads and email subscribers, and drive more traffic to your website, blog, Youtube, etc.

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    21 instant-access videos demonstrating and explaining all the details
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    Personal feedback & answers to your questions on the way
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    Content Strategy Plan
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    Instagram Post Checklist
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    List of Content Ideas
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    My Top 10 Rules for Instagram

Course Info

Instagram for Creatives Media

Are you struggling to grow your Instagram account?

Unsure what to improve to gain more traction with you audience?

Are you creating quality content but not getting enough attention for it?

That's what Instagram for Creators aims to help you with.

In this course, you're going to learn:

• How to identify your ideal niche to stand out and get noticed among others

• How to define your target audience to attract the best and repel the rest

• How to create your hashtag strategy to get discovered by the right people and to get maximum organic reach

• How to create quality content the smart way so you're not getting overwhelmed and caught up in the hamster wheel

• How to optimize your bio to convert more visitors into followers & to drive traffic to your website

• How to know when to post and how often to meet your audience when they are most active

• How to drive traffic towards your website, products & services and make it fun at the same time!

• How to plan your content so you always know what to post and you never run out of ideas

• Specific tactics for running successful campaigns with Instagram

Your Instructors

  • David Drazil Headshot
    David Drazil Headshot

    David Drazil

    Architect | Content Creator | Speaker | Author

    Architect | Content Creator | Speaker | Author

    David Drazil is an architect who loves to sketch. He's the founder of the SketchLikeAnArchitect.com and a teacher with more than 12,000 online students in his courses.

    David is also an author of 3 books on architectural sketching. He is focused on helping architects & designers to improve their clarity of visual communication through his educational resources on both analog & digital sketching and drawing.

    Connect with David and follow his work on his popular channels on Instagram (200k+) and Youtube.

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