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How to Self Publish Your Book (And Not Look Self Published)

Learn how to self-publish your book and not look self-published.


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We'll teach you our unique formula for self-publishing so you can create a professional book you're proud of.

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    Over 5 hours of video tutorials offered in easily digestible snippets for step-by-step guidance to go from finished manuscript to published book
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How to Self Publish Your Book Media

Self-publishing is confusing. There’s conflicting information out there about how to go about the process, and a lot of it is simply wrong. This course is designed to help you cut through all the confusion and create a beautiful, professional-looking book that won’t look self published… and save you time and money in the process.

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  • Joel Pitney Headshot
    Joel Pitney Headshot

    Joel Pitney


    Hi, I’m Joel Pitney.

    I’ve been helping authors get published for a decade and I want to help you, too.

    I helped launch my first book onto the New York Times Bestseller list, and soon began working with a wide range of authors to help bring their books to the world. Over the years, I’ve seen handfuls of other agencies and courses pop up with promises to help authors become bestsellers overnight, or to publish their books in only 30 days. These claims drive me crazy because they’re either untrue, or cutting corners. Neither leads to being successful and professional.

    From the beginning, I’ve promised an honest approach to doing business and this course is no different. I debunk the hype with proven, results-driven strategies that deliver uncompromising results.