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How to Product

A self-guided course on Product Management essentials and how to put it all into practice.
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Course Info

Product Management fundamentals are just that—fundamentals. What's truly important is your ability to leverage those basics and frameworks to build products.

With this course, you'll not only learn the essentials of PM, you'll gain the tactical insights into how to actually build product and replicate the process on your own.

Take it from Sefunmi Osinaike:

The most frequent statement I hear from aspiring Product Managers is, "I can't get the job without experience, but I need the experience to get the job".

When I then speak to employers, the most important question they need to know when talking to candidates is, "Do you have practical knowledge beyond all the theory you learned?"

It is one of the most significant challenges candidates have when applying for Product Manager roles; they cannot stand out or have a way to showcase their skills. Even when they feel they have most of the knowledge they need to excel in the role.

After an in-depth look into the problem and conversations with over 100 Product Managers and employers combined, I've developed a formula to overcome the challenge of "no experience."

Get the Skills without a Job

I'm putting myself in your shoes, and in three phases, I teach you how to gain vital Product Manager skills on your own without a job. This course takes you through the steps on how exactly you can gain real-life experiences, so you can impress employers and have meaningful insights to bring up in your next interview.

Your Instructors

  • Author of "How to Product"
    Author of "How to Product"

    Sefunmi Osinaike

    Co-Fouder of Co.Lab

    Sefunmi has been working as a Product Manager for over five years at various companies like Apple, Microsoft, Ecobee and, most recently, Copper. Before he got where I am today, he struggled to get his first job as a PM, and others have also shared the same pain point, which motivated me to write the book "How to Product" and publish this course. His goal is to help others gain practical experience so they can become Product Managers in tech.

  • Helen Huang
    Helen Huang

    Helen Huang

    Co-Founder of Co.Lab

    Helen Huang is an Earth Scientist turned Product Manager turned Startup Founder. After leaving her mark at companies such as Zynga, Microsoft, and Github, she’s gone on to co-found Co.Lab, a platform for technologists to upskill through cross-functional, project-based learning. Helen is especially passionate about thought diversity, the power of learning by doing, and cute cats.

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