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How to Connect with Kids These Days

Everything you need to connect with kids these days as an educator and parent


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Course Info

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Seriously. If that sounds blasphemous in a course for concerned parents and educators (and anyone, really, who worries about connecting with “kids these days”), then I am so glad you’re here.

If you own a kid, work with a kid, or love a kid, you will find something inspiring and practical in this course. Dare I say game-changing.

This course was born from the hundreds of stories of kids, their families, and their support systems I was lucky to meet as I worked across Canada and the USA. Regardless of who I met or where I met them, the message was always the same: our kids are okay ONLY if those of us holding them are okay.

During the developmental years, schools—and educators—are the most significant connection point to most every child on this continent. But are the educators okay? I believe that most of the great educators want to make a difference. Many tell me, however, that they are finding it more and more difficult “these days” to love what they do. I think it’s time we did a better job of looking after them. First. Plain and simple. 

This course is for the parents and educators: our teachers, bus drivers, administrators, educational assistants, librarians, administrative assistants, and custodians. And anyone who leads, loves, and supports them. If that’s you, I am so grateful you are here. 

Clear, actionable advice

- 10 knowledge and inspirational modules.

- PDF and Video formats.

- Step-by-step guides through each focus area. 

Rewind and reconnect as needed, or choose just a few ideas and conversation starters, then watch as small changes add up to big results!

Support & Inspiration

Dr. Jody, her team, and all of the course members will help to answer your questions, and provide encouragement and support. 

Connecting with kids starts with us (re)connecting with each other in meaningful ways. You’ll never have to do this alone!

Professional Development Certificate

You can receive credit for up to 40 continuing education units (CEUs.) Use our PD log to track your progress and time spent learning.

You’ll receive a certificate of completion when you finish the course!

Ongoing support & accountability

You’ll keep your access to the course AND the Facebook community when the course is over at no charge!

Revisit the resources and get support, so you can maintain your new connections permanently.

Conversation & action starters

Start small. Breathe. 

Take the first step towards connecting and reconnecting with the kids in our lives. 

More than ideas, the focus is on what we all can do in the most practical of approaches and ways to connect.

Your Instructors

  • Jody Carrington
    Jody Carrington

    Dr. Jody Carrington


    Over the past 15 years, I have assessed, treated, educated, and empowered some of our most vulnerable and precious souls on the planet. I’m a child psychologist by trade but, these days, I rarely treat kids. Because I believe, the answer lies in the people who hold them—in shifting the way they think and feel about the holy work that they do. Especially when kids have experienced trauma, that’s when they need big people the most. Some of my favourites include educators, parents, first responders, and foster parents. 

    Before I started on this mission of reconnection, I worked at the Alberta Children’s Hospital on the inpatient and day treatment units where I held families with some of the most difficult stories. They taught me the most important lessons: we are wired to do hard things; we can handle those hard things so much easier when we remember that we’re wired for connection.