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You’ll have an online course created that you can be proud of, and one that you will be able to confidently launch on your own. On this journey, you are the hero, and I am your guide.

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    The Heroic Online Course curriculum with no expiration date. Work at your own pace
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    Pat Flynn's weekly office hours. A live Zoom call for course students to ask Pat questions
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    The SPI Academy student community. Your space to connect with others in the course

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How courses became the SPI business model

Creating online courses doesn’t have to be hard, and selling online courses doesn’t have to feel sleezy.

Back in 2016 I had the idea to create my first online course. I had taken several online courses before (some useful, some not so much) and I knew that I had valuable knowledge that would help people, and then…

I chickened out.

I was scared no one would buy my course and it would be a complete waste of time. I was scared that people wouldn’t get anything out of it and it might make me look bad. I was scared it wasn’t going to be as good as some of the other courses that already existed teaching similar things.

Everytime I tried to start, I pulled back.

Thankfully, at the end of 2017, a mentor of mine pushed me to finally launch, and looking back, I only wish she had pushed me sooner.

It wasn’t a huge launch to begin with, but it was the push I needed to keep going. Fast forward to today, I’ve created and launched over ten online courses that have earned about $4.5m dollars:

Online courses have become the center of SPI's business model, and it’s the reason why I believe everyone should have at least one online course to teach something. It can change your life, and the lives of your students, too.

Over time, my team and I have developed an amazing system of producing and launching these courses, and because I want everyone to avoid the overwhelm and succeed with building online courses, I put our step-by-step creation process, and launch strategies, into one single course for you.

Introducing Heroic Online Courses

Heroic, because in order to make online courses work you have to understand that your students are the hero of the story.

It’s their struggles that you’re solving, and it’s a transformation that you lead them to.

You are their guide.

And when you help people become the hero of their stories, everyone wants the guide who helped them get there.

Here’s the big secret: no one wants to buy an online course. People buy the transformation that your course offers them: the promise that’s on the other side.

How this course sets you up for success

Creating any new product can feel scary, and it's easy to lose your momentum when a question crops up. But don't worry, my team and I have your back!

How many times has a problem set you back (for months? years!), and then when you reach out for a little help, it only takes a little bit of work to get unstuck? And then you find yourself thinking, "Why did I let that hold me back for so long?"

It happens to us all, which is why this course has two ways for you to ask questions, receive encouragement, and keep yourself from getting stuck:

Weekly office hours with Pat Flynn

Sometimes you just need to ask the teacher a question. That's why I host a weekly Zoom call that's only available to course students. Get your questions answered and learn from the questions of the other SPI course students. The last four call replays are available inside the course.

Access to the private SPI Academy Circle community

Can't wait until office hours? Ask your question inside the SPI Academy!

Learn how to turn your audience into heroes.

With Heroic Online Courses, you'll learn how to turn your knowledge into an enduring course that brings in passive revenue and creates memorable transformations for your audience.

Stop that overwhelmed, "I should create a course" feeling by putting yourself on the path to completion today!

All SPI courses are backed by the 30-day "Win with Flynn" guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, let us know in 30 days and you’ll get 100% of your payments back, no questions asked.

Your Instructors

  • Pat Flynn

    Founder, Smart Passive Income

    Pat Flynn is a blogger, podcaster, author and course creator, best known for his website

    On his blog, Pat shares what works – and what doesn't – so that you know exactly how to build a better business.

    Pat is also the host of the popular Smart Passive Income Podcast, a show with over 11 million downloads that has been featured in the New York Times.

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