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Habits by Design

Habit-ize Your Goals for Success
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Put yourself in the driver’s seat and start redesigning your habits with your brain in mind!

Course Offers

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    Four 60-minute video sessions taught by brain science and behavior change expert - James Garrett
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    Four audio recordings of those sessions so you can listen or review on the go
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    Four exercises to help you immediately apply what you’re learning
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    Four curated reading lists to show you where the science comes from and where you can go to learn more

Course Info

Habits happen—whether by default or by design.

Habits are our brain's go-to tool to tackle almost any goal or task, which is why getting in the driver’s seat of your own habit-making machinery can be a total game changer no matter what you want to achieve.

In this life-changing 4-part course you’ll discover that those who master the art of habit formation hold the keys to limitless personal growth.

Whether you’re struggling to lose weight, working to overcome addiction, striving to be a better parent, or reaching for a life-defining goal, this course will make habits your go-to strategy.

You’ll walk away with everything you need to know to start making measurable change in your real life—today.

This course is 100% evidence-based and drawn from the most cutting-edge research in the fields of behavioral psychology and neuroscience. But it’s also practical, applicable, and joyously empowering.

Your Instructors

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    James Garrett

    James is a brain science curator and neuroscience entrepreneur. He passionately believes that with the right tools anyone can become whomever they imagine themselves to be. James spent six years doing psychology research at Columbia, Tufts, and Yale, and an additional six years building brain-based curricula in partnership with the Queen of Jordan. A rare combination of scientist, trainer, and entrepreneur, his previous work in the Middle East was featured by the NYTimes, FastCompany, and TEDx.

One-Time Purchase
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee