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Full Time Game Dev

It's time to stop dreaming and time to start selling your indie games—full time.
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    Black Friday Bonus: 2D Art Pro - FREE! ($297 value).
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    Create a breath-taking 2D indie game with Photoshop and Unity.
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    Learn the secrets to securing 6-figure funding from publishers and crowdfunding.
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    Discover the step-by-step guide to marketing your game and hitting the Steam front page.
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    Gain instant access to editable workbooks to help grow your studio.
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    Join the thriving and insightful community on Discord and my Mastermind Group.

Course Info

Full Time Game Dev


Whether you're a beginner or pro, I'll teach you my tried and true method for creating a 2D platformer. In fact, I used this system when creating a 2D game for the world's largest YouTuber, Pewdiepie. My buddy David Wehle will also teach you through his process of creating a 3D game with no code!


Full Time Game Dev will take you from knowing nothing about game development to making money from your indie game on the Steam store. We’ll study branding, marketing, publishers, Kickstarter, C# coding, Unity development, PR, launching on Steam, and everything in between! After 10 years of making my indie games for consoles, Steam, and Apple Arcade (and also making a ton of mistakes), I’m thrilled to teach you what I’ve learned! 

It's simple and effective, and I can't wait to show you how it's done!


Anyone can make and sell games, full time. And I mean anyone. That's because game development isn't only about technical skill and talent. It's primarily about everything else that propels a game to a large audience: marketing, sales, building a brand, and more.

Most online courses just teach the technical aspects of game development. Frankly, that's only 25% of game development. Fortunately, with this course, I'll teach you the technical side, but also everything you need to know to secure funding from publishers and crowdfunding, make a big splash on Steam, and start making enough money to sustain yourself and your family or even make a 6-figure salary!


Immediately after enrolling, you’ll gain access to the private Discord server with thousands of students all helping each other along in the program. Even better, every two weeks we all meet during my live Mastermind Meetings, where we offer encouragement, constructive criticism, and propel each other into the game dev career. 


“I felt this was what I had been searching for. It was an all encompassing course that taught marketing, outreach, artwork, and yes even game development! This course is delivering above and beyond and I'm extremely motivated and excited to release my first game as soon as I can!”

— Chris Smith / @kraken_games

“One thing this course has already achieved that I don't see often in online classes is that it's giving me CONFIDENCE. I feel confident that I can ideate and create a good game using this course, and that confidence…

— Hannah England / @studiohannahart

“I've only completed 11% of the course so far and already feel I got my money's worth. The amount of knowledge and tools shared is incredible and the community is very friendly and supportive. Anyone who is serious …

— Zainab Al-Ansari / @ZsLaboratories

Your Instructors

  • Thomas Brush
    Thomas Brush

    Thomas Brush

    Game Dev Coach

    One my biggest struggles growing up was feeling like I wasn’t very smart. I’ve always been a clumsy, awkward dude that struggles to grasp concepts quickly. I do, however, have strange confidence in myself. I believe deep down that anyone has the potential to become a game developer. It’s possible to make a living from indie games!

    I started creating my first commercial release in school, and continued its development while working a desk job I hated. I finished that game being completely self-taught. It was called Pinstripe, and since launching, the rest is history. I’ve consistently earned six-figures in revenue for half a decade. My games Pinstripe & Neversong have launched on pretty much every single platform, all while I’ve grown a large following of over 215,000 subscribers, teaching game development on YouTube. I even made a game for the world’s biggest YouTuber in just 14 days.

    From Kickstarter to working with publishers, and everything in between, I’ve done it all. I know you can do it too, and I’m going to show you the short-cuts to success so you don’t have to wander around aimlessly for a decade like I did! Let’s do this!

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