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From Passion to Profit

Content Creators Guide to Create Your Business.

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    Learn how to choose the right company name
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    The importance of a web presence
  3. 3
    How to find a target audience
  4. 4
    Why and how to find a niche
  5. 5
    How to beta test

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Take it from Ty Turner:

We begin at your beginning, helping you get started, including teaching you how to form your company, avoid outdated business methods, how and why you need to find your niche, and the creation of your brand.

We’ll share our exclusive price structure system with you that will simplify how you charge for your work as well as increase the profitability of your services. Available ONLY with this course. Learn about the importance of your target audience and the benefits of Beta clients and how to acquire them.

We’ll teach you basic company procedures such as banking, bookkeeping, and taxes.

Discover not just how to build a website, but what should be on that website to help grow your business. Learn how to cope with competition. Learn what not to do.

Your Instructors

  • Ty Turner
    Ty Turner

    Ty Turner

    Flash Film Academy Founder

    Ty Turner, the founder of FlashFilm Academy and US Army veteran, has experience as a combat photographer and videographer.

    Creating content under the harshest conditions at the highest level of the government. After his military career, he transitioning to corporate America holding positions with companies like TGI Fridays, Texas Instruments, and DELL.

    Where he was not only tasked to create content but was brought in to be the architect behind their internal multimedia departments designed to support marketing, social media, and learning and development content. He later went on to launch his own production company FlashFilm Media, which quickly became one of the most trusted production companies in the region.

    Working with companies like Raising Canes, Verizon, Toyota, PGA, KIA, Dr. Pepper, Walmart, Google, Samsung, and more! On the path to growing his company, he notices that there was no blueprint or resources to building a content creations company. So he founded FlashFilm Academy, an online training platform designed to help other content creators grow their businesses.

Pricing Options

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee