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The most comprehensive Freediving Manual ever created!
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Learn how to freedive safely and comfortably from Australian Freediving Champion, Adam Stern.

Course Offers

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    Everything you need to know about conventional freediving
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    Lifetime access to 4 remote freediving training sessions that Adam Stern runs each week

Course Info

Level 1 Freediving is a complete and comprehensive digital freediving course.

After 10 years of competing at the highest level of freediving and teaching freediving all over the world, I have taken everything I know and put it all in this course so you can learn step-by-step how to safely explore the underwater world on one breath.

For those who are already diving, this course is a perfect way to bring yourself up to speed on the latest freediving knowledge so you can make sure you're diving safe and keeping your dive buddies safe!

Besides all the theoretical knowledge that a diver needs to know, this course also breaks down all the techniques to improve and streamline your diving performance.

Your Instructors

  • Adam Stern

    Adam Stern is the Australian Freediving Champion with 8 National Records under his belt.

    He is also one of the worlds most prolific freediving educators.

    Over the past decade, Adam has played a core role in creating and unrolling 2 global freediving education systems while teaching thousands of people to be freedivers and freediving instructors in that time.

    Adam runs the world's largest freediving festival, Deep Week, and is passionate about teaching people to freedive safely and helping them to fall in love with the sport.

    Adam trains all levels of freedivers from absolute beginners to competitive divers.

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