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    Over 43 hours you will learn HTML and CSS as well as JavaScript plus VSCode and so much more!
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    Use everything you learn to go live with two fast-loading and SEO-friendly secure websites.
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    No assumptions or no details skipped and no students left behind. I teach everything you need and then some.
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    When you buy the course you get access to additional guides and quick-reference documents to help you take your web-development game to the next level.

Course Info

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This course will be the foundation that you build every website from now on based upon. It starts with the very basics of how the web works (DNS, SSL, CDNs, IP Addresses, Web Servers, and more) and then introduces the main players: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Starting at the very beginning of each, you will be introduced to the topic, learn what it is for, and then start learning how to use it. From there, the course progresses into much more depth in each area.

Before the course concludes, you will have an in-depth knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web Accessibility, Debugging, VSCode, and the DOM. You will also have an excellent introduction into how to use popular JavaScript libraries (such as jQuery, ChartJS, and Luxon) and web tools (such as ESLint, npm, an Jest).

The course also includes two full start-to-finish website projects where we start with an idea and build out and deploy a full website based upon the techniques we have learned so far. Finally, the course will cover what to learn next based upon where you want to specialize as a web developer.

Your Instructors

  • Tim Corey Headshot
    Tim Corey Headshot

    Tim Corey

    Developer | Speaker | Educator

    Tim is a developer, speaker, and online educator.

    Tim helps thousands of students take the easier path to developer every day through his YouTube channel and online courses.

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