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FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Exam Prep Course

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Our students have a 99.54% Pass Rate.

We've helped over 15,000 students just like you pass their FAA Remote Pilot Exam.

What People Are Saying...

"Having had no prior airmen training, I went into the test the first time only reviewing the study material that the FAA provided. I thought to myself, 'I'm a good test taker, I scored high on my SAT. How hard could this be?' Needless to say I was in for a rude awakening, and promptly failed the test.

Frustrated, I went home and began to study the same material, the same way again. I was the very definition of insanity. My father suggested that I enroll in a course and said that I did not need one. But finally age and wisdom won out, and I enrolled in Drone Launch Academy.

So, I signed up and per my personality (impulsive and determined), competed the entire course in 1 day. When I say the entire course, I mean the entire course; videos, documents, quizzes, tests and all! I went from a 58% on my first part 107 test, to an average of 90% or better on all the quizzes and test provided by DLA!

But, I am a sceptic at heart. I decided to find other practice tests online and see if I could pass them...and I did with an average of 86%!

This morning, I took the part 107 again feeling prepared and confident because of the material covered in this course. I want to say thank you because I passed with an 87%! Thank you so much for providing and excellent training at an affordable price."

– Billy Mulligan

*Important Information About Our Drone Launch Pass Guarantee*

In order to qualify for the Drone Launch Pass Guarantee, before attempting the Unmanned Aircraft knowledge exam you must have:

• Completed all modules in the course and received a Drone Launch Academy Certificate of Completion, obtained by achieving a passing score (80% or better) on one of the Final Exams.

• You must also have scored an 80% or higher on one of our practice Final Exams within 7 days before taking your FAA unmanned aircraft knowledge exam.

In the unfortunate even that you do fail your Unmanned Aircraft knowledge exam, please complete the refund form at dronelaunchacademy.com/107refund to receive your course refund and your exam registration fee credit.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Your Instructors

  • David Young
    David Young

    David Young

    Founder of Drone Launch Academy

    David is the founder of Drone Launch Academy. He is a drone enthusiast and an FAA-certified Advanced Ground Instructor, which means he has been tested and approved by the FAA to help students take and pass their FAA knowledge exams, such as the Unmanned Aircraft exam required for the Remote Pilot Certificate (what you need to fly drones commercially). David has held a FAA Private Pilot Certificate since 2007, which he obtained while studying at the College of Aeronautics at the Florida Institute of Technology.

    Previously, David worked for the FBI as a forensic accountant and financial analyst. He also previously owned DCY Consulting, LLC, a finance and analytics firm that consulted with Fortune 50 companies such as Google and various start up companies such as SoapBox Soaps, Razoo, and From the Farmer. Mr. Young holds a master's degree in Finance from Johns Hopkins University and a bachelor's degree in Finance and Accounting from Florida State University.

    David is excited and humbled to have the opportunity to serve the amazing drone community and to train the newest wave of remote pilots.

One-Time Purchase
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee