Noriko Tominaga

Character Bento Making

We will guide you to the world of Japan's proud "kawaii food culture" and how to make character bento (Kyaraben) that anyone can easily cook.
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Your Outcome

Make cute lunch boxes for children and eliminate unbalanced diets for children.

Course Offers

  1. 1
    This is a course to learn 11 recipes of character bento (Kyaraben) and dec o-rolled sushi (thick-rolled sushi that gives a picture when cut) that looks great on Instagram.
  2. 2
    The most kind and easy guide in the world where you can master Kyaraben no matter how clumsy you are.Includes petit deco side dishes that enhance the cuteness of your lunch just by putting it on.
  3. 3
    Carefully explain how to make colored rice as well as heart-shaped eggs and ham flowers which are indispensable for making kyaraben.
  4. 4
    Also includes side dishes that are perfect for lunch boxes.

Course Info

Character Bento Making Media

Japanese "Lunch box" is popular overseas as "BENTO".

Among them, "Kyaraben", which depicts the shapes of manga and anime characters using rice and side dishes, is attracting worldwide attention as a culture unique to Japan, which is an advanced country in anime.

In this couce, we will mainly introduce character lunch boxes that are popular with foreigners. It is a cute kyaraben that is easily decorated with seaweed and cheese.

The process of making is fun, and the joy when it is completed is also great. There is no doubt that you can get a lot of "likes" by posting on SNS.

Assuming that you will make it in a foreign country, we will take lessons with ingredients that you can get (if you can not get it, we will introduce alternative ingredients).

Your Instructors

  • Noriko Tominaga Headshot
    Noriko Tominaga Headshot

    Noriko Tominaga

    Master Japanese Chef

    I introduce Japanese cuisine for non-Japanese. Especially family dishes like rolled sushi, Ramen, Character lunch box. There are Group, Private, and Corporate training.

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