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Our mission is to help solopreneurs like you stop doing all the things and start implementing the essential marketing strategies (even scary ones like video) so all your effort actually GROWS your business.

Course Offers

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    The Labs: Step-by-step video trainings to help you create and set up a simple but effective marketing funnel to turn more subscribers and followers into customers and clients
  2. 2
    Mindset and productivity: We know the path of a new business owner is loaded with roadblocks and speed bumps (and the occasional meltdown) so systems and mindset support are built into the course lessons
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    Personalized feedback: I’m not just dropping these trainings and leaving you to figure it all out. I'll be live 3x every month to answer questions and provide personal feedback to help you apply every lesson to your business
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    Community: Your business BFF and your middle-of-the-night support squad. We're here with high-fives and digital hugs every step of the way!

Course Info

Skip collecting courses, scouring the internet for ideas, and feeling overwhelmed by the endless options.

If you're tired of scrolling and stalling and you're ready to show up as the confident face of your business, with strategies that are easy to implement, then this membership is for YOU!

Your Instructors

  • Sarah Morgan

    Sarah Morgan is an Emmy-winning digital strategist who’s been blogging, designing, and creating content online for over 20 years. After ditching her corporate web design job in 2012 to build a successful freelance business, she shifted her focus to help other entrepreneurs simplify their marketing strategies, show up with confidence, and grow their business online. She mentors budding business owners in her Dare to Grow membership, on her podcast The Dare to Grow Show, and on social media @xosarahmorgan.