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Crush Your Goals for Small Business

8 step proceed to crush your goals.


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Save time and improve your small business performance by at least 25%.

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    8 professional videos.
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    The course if based off 35 years of consulting experience.
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    Action plans to be developed after your business after every video.

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Crush Your Goals for Small Business Media

I want to have these transformative ideas and practices available to all small businesses for an unbelievably low price. You would pay tens of thousands of dollars to have a consultant come into your business to teach you these implementation ideas.

Join this course and improve your small business performance by at least 20%+ plus be more efficient and effective with your time.

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    Rick Heyland Headshots

    Rick Heyland

    Consulting Executive

    Rick Heyland wrote his purpose statement as a 26-year-old and has been perfecting his goal accomplishment system for the last 40 years. Rick is a successful consulting executive who loves living and managing his life by purpose, goals and effective stress management principles. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He received his MBA from the Ivey Business School of in London, Ontario, Canada. Rick and his wife Cheryl have six children and 15 grandchildren.

    Living by his Purpose statement and his goal achievement system, Rick has achieved success in all areas of his life. As the second largest shareholder of his management consulting company, (RLG International) he helped grow his company 3x over a 10 year period. Rick has run 14 marathons including qualifying and running in the 2003 Boston