Paul Messink

Creating Dimension

Create painted, multi-layer glass panels that have great depth and dimension.
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Your Outcome

Learn how to paint and fire beautiful glass panels in your own studio.

Course Offers

  1. 1
    Go beyond 2-layer plates/bowls to create beautiful glass art that is rich in depth & dimension
  2. 2
    Learn how to mix apply and fire enamels
  3. 3
    Improve your painting techniques and your ability to work in layers
  4. 4
    Learn how to create depth and dimension
  5. 5
    Master all the techniques and processes involved in creating multi-layered glass panels
  6. 6
    Understand how to eliminate bubbles from your layered work and how to add fog effects

Course Info

This 4-course series immerses you in Paul Messink's techniques to create beautiful, painted multi-layered glass panels.

Through 30 hours of instruction and demos, you'll learn every bit of his techniques and processes, including enamels, painting, depth and dimension, compostion, layering, firing schedules, kiln techniques, bubble control, fog effects, and more!

You will receive:

• Access to all four courses in the Creating Dimension series

• 15 hours of recorded instruction and 15 hours of detailed technique demos

• Extensive handouts and image downloads for each course

• All firing schedules, covering every step in the process

• Detailed materials lists for each project

• Access to Paul’s private Facebook group for students

If you'd like to learn new and profitable techniques for creating painted, fused glass artwork, you're going to love what's inside this course.

Your Instructors

  • Paul Messink

    Paul Messink is an award-winning kiln-work glass artist and noted international instructor who draws on prior drawing and painting experience to create hand-painted, multi-layered glass panels that present nature and figures in deep dimension. Messink is best known for painting misty landscapes. See his work at

    He is often drawn to the ethereal, to the “unknown” hidden in the mist. Mystery and a slight melancholy run through many of his pieces, which he creates by fusing (in a kiln) anywhere from 9 to 35 layers of hand-enameled glass into a single, thick panel. Each layer contains a part of the final image and when fused, the finished work contains unique depth, dimension, and interaction with light not found in other painted art forms.

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