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Create Your Blog Dream

Learn how to start a blog, grow your audience and make money in less than a year.

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Start your own profitable blog that can bring in an income from home in less than a year.

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    Step by step tech tutorials for setting up a blog plus growing an email list and building a social media following from scratch
  2. 2
    Blueprint for creating the type of content that will actually attract an audience
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    Monetization strategies that will have you earning income quickly
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    Regularly updated lessons that are current with the ever changing internet landscape
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    Active private Facebook group of over 1500 bloggers to collaborate with and learn from
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    Bonus lessons on creating photography and video that will set your blog apart

Course Info

Create Your Blog Dream Media

In the year 2021, the opportunity for creating an income and reaching a targeted audience online is greater than ever. I am simply amazed every single day at the power of the internet to reach people all over the globe.

You just need to learn how to harness it.

Create Your Blog Dream includes:

8 modules + over 60 lessons of video content that covers how to set up your website all the way through growing your blog and making it profitable!

Tutorials walking you through the tech side of setting up your website, demonstrating how to get great photos and film video without an assistant.

An inside look into my social media strategy for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and how I get more eyes on my blog posts using an email list!

Access to a students only Facebook group that you can go to with questions about the course, network with other bloggers, and find people to collaborate and grow with.

Monetization strategies that you can start implementing right away

Oh, and don't forget about these bonuses...

Weekly and Monthly Content Planner to help you stay streamlined + always creating more great content

50 Blog Post Thought Starters to help keep your creative juices flowing so you never run out of ideas

An entire bonus lesson on how to get great photos and videos for your blog with just an iPhone

My blog post checklist with every thing I do from the creation to the promotion of each post to get more eyes on my content

2 more bonus videos about networking with other bloggers + all the mistakes I made and how you can avoid them

How to make $200 a month in less than 2 months with a digital ebook or printable

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  • Lisa Bass Headshot
    Lisa Bass Headshot

    Lisa Bass


    Homeschooling mom of 6, Lisa Bass, started blogging in early 2016 as a way to share her recipes and DIY projects with others. After two and half years, she was able to bring her husband home from his job, and support the family full-time with the blog. She now teaches students how to start a blog that is actually profitable, through her comprehensive course, Create Your Blog Dream. Students learn the most common mistakes new bloggers make, how to create multiple streams of income and the strategies pro bloggers use to make sure their content is actually found. Her step by step tutorials are updated regularly to make sure students are guided through the entire process, setting them up for success.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee