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Learn how to bake and decorate fancy cookies... like a pro!
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Discover how to bake the perfect cookie using Ashley's baking secrets & shortcuts inside this course.

Course Offers

  1. 1
    The #1 mistake that every newbie makes when rolling cookie dough
  2. 2
    How make your icing smooth and shiny like the pros on Pinterest
  3. 3
    How you can easily make an extra $500/ month selling custom cookies
  4. 4
    The best sugar cookie recipe of all time (including the gluten free/ dairy free/ vegan options)
  5. 5
    Design prompts to spark your creativity
  6. 6
    Ready to print shopping lists that include all the ingredients and tools you’ll need to get started

Course Info

Ready to make amazing cookies without spending tons of time & money?

Ashley has you covered.

If you've got NO idea how to make a soft, delicious sugar cookies that hold their shape...

Even if if you're a seasoned baker, but just haven't quite cracked the code on the magical, mysterious "Royal Icing"...

You're going to love this Cookie Class.

In this course, Ashley shares all of her latest baking tips and tricks with you so you can master the cookie game!

Your Instructors

  • Ashley Greeno

    Hi, I'm Ashley ! Not to be dramatic, but cookies really did change my whole entire life.

    When my family decided we wanted to grow our family through adoption, I announced I would make & sell TEN THOUSAND cookies to save up the $35,000+ we needed to cover the fees...

    I wasn't exactly sure how I would do it, but I was wildly determined to reach my goal.

    Using the recipes & techniques I teach inside Cookie Class, and the marketing & business basics I now teach my coaching clients, I hit my goal in just under 18 months!

    I gained confidence & joy in my life, plus I saved the extra funds my family needed... all while working another job & being mom to an awesome 10-yr-old.

    Now I want to teach YOU how to do the same!

One-Time Purchase
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee