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Content Creation Masterclass

Learn from top creators how to brand yourself, make money, and publish your most viral video in one week!

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Your Outcome

Learn the A-Z of Content Creation and create your first/best video!

Course Offers

  1. 1
    Make videos people watch
  2. 2
    Work with Brands you love
  3. 3
    Have the confidence to START!
  4. 4
    Be connected to Top Creators
  5. 5
    Successfully pitch yourself to clients
  6. 6
    Make money from your passion
  7. 7
    Script as well as shoot and edit your own successful videos
  8. 8
    Have a high converting Media Kit

Course Info

Content Creation Masterclass Media

This Course is for you if:

• You are excited about making content to make the world BETTER!

• You want to make videos on Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram!

• You need to learn at your own pace (Stay at home parent, full time job, Student, etc)

• You want to be a Digital Nomad and work from anywhere in the world!

• You are interested in Content Creation but don't know exactly how it works

• You have integrity as a creator!

• You want to learn how to write an awesome script!

• You want to learn work with brands!

• You want to learn basic editing and shooting

• You are a fresh beginner or intermediate content creator looking for insider secrets.

• You are on a budget and want to know how to get started!

Your Instructors

  • Alyne Tamir Headshot
    Alyne Tamir Headshot

    Alyne Tamir

    Creator | Educator

    Alyne Tamir is the creator behind Dear Alyne, a page that, she hopes, gives a voice to the voiceless. At age 28, Alyne decided to start making videos about things that she felt were missing on social media: women’s issues, less known countries, human rights, vegetarianism and more!

    3 Million followers and half a billion views later, she's made creation her full-time job, working with brands such as Disney, The United Nations, The Abu Dhabi Tourism Board and many more. Now, she’s focusing on organizing events such as week long business retreats around the world, digital classes and even Masterminds with business people and entrepreneurs that wish to network and learn from one another.

Pricing Options

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee