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This 3-In-1 bundle will help you become the confident, authentic, and assertive person you've always wanted to be.

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Course Info

In this bundle, you're going to get:

Program #1 - Digital Confidence (Normally $97)

In this program, you'll learn how to develop bulletproof confidence online, so you can start leading in virtual gatherings.

If you struggle to convey your message clearly, freak out during live presentations, melt under pressure during online negotiations or find it difficult to close deals due to stress...

You're going to love what Digital Confidence has to offer.

You'll learn how to boost your core confidence and start believing in yourself...

How to get into your "winner" state before any live event...

How to use powerful body language techniques to feel more confident and appear more charismatic...

And so much more.

Program #2 - Increase Your Core Confidence & Self-Esteem (Normally $94.99)

In this program, you're going to learn how to build an unshakable core confidence that will allow you to live a better and more fulfilling life.

Upon completion, you'll have foolproof method for breaking through your limiting beliefs...

A proven system and set of strategies for identifying and eliminating negative self-talk, and raising your self-esteem...

A solid understanding of how your identity impacts your self-esteem...

And a strong grasp on all the factors that contribute to self-doubt, and concrete action steps you can take to turn this around.

Program #3 - Assertiveness 101: Become More Assertive in 90 Minutes (Normally $94.99)

In this program, you're going to learn how to become more assertive in all areas of your life by identifying and challenging the specific fears that are holding you back.

With more assertiveness, you'll be able to express your needs and requests more clearly...

Speak up for what you want without feeling guilty or resentful...

And get what you want without feeling weighed down by the fear of conflict.

Your Instructors

  • Jimmy Naraine
    Jimmy Naraine

    Jimmy Naraine

    Jimmy is an author and entrepreneur teaching over 239,000 people online. After working for companies such as Goldman Sachs, he realized that the corporate path wasn't his calling.

    Since 2013, Jimmy has explored 76 countries while running his location-independent business. His online courses have received over 35,000 top ratings and were mentioned by Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider.

    Jimmy regularly delivers top-rated speeches internationally at events such as MindvalleyU, Digital|K, DNX, and OCR European Championships. He also conducts personal development training for companies and helps experts create world-class online courses.

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