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Chinese Zero to Hero Ultimate Bundle

This bundle contains 2,317 instructional videos (organized into 10 separate courses) that will help you achieve Chinese fluency step-by-step, following the standard Chinese-language examination (hanyu shuiping kaoshi, or HSK) curriculum.

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Your Outcome

Pass the highest level of the official Chinese language examination Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi Level 6 (HSK 6).

Course Offers

  1. 1
    10 Chinese-language courses
  2. 2
    Over 2300 instructional videos
  3. 3
    Extra expansion courses with 556 PDFs for HSK 5 and 6 levels
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    33000 registered users with proven measurable results

Course Info

In this course, you'll get 2,317 videos (3 years worth of study material) - all courses from HSK 1 to HSK 6, the New HSK 7-9 Course, and the "Path to Fluency" course.

Once you purchase this bundle, you're set with the essential tools to learn Chinese from absolute beginner to full mastery.

The structure of our HSK 1-6 courses follows the HSK curriculum using the “HSK Standard Course” by Jiang Liping.

Your Instructors

  • Jon Long

    Hi, I'm Jon and I'm the instructor at Chinese Zero to Hero.

    A lot of learners try their best to improve, even paying high tuition fees to schools and tutors. While these maybe good and appropriate, sometimes students need a structured, self-paced, and affordable system to improve. Chinese Zero to Hero was created to fill that need. We take absolute newbies to high level of measurable, government-recognized proficiency. When I'm typing in this text box, we currently have 8k subscribers in our YouTube channel, and over 700 signed up users, most of them paid users. So less than 2 years into this, we're already making a difference. Join us! Learn Chinese! Teach Chinese to the world!!!

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